King Storage Bed Frames

Ashley Taylor
14 min readJun 18, 2024


Get ready to elevate your sleep and storage experience with our top picks for King Storage Bed Frames! In this roundup, we’ve gathered the best options to suit a variety of spaces and budgets. From sleek, minimalist designs to those boasting ample storage, we’ve got you covered. Explore and find the perfect fit for your bedroom to unlock effortless organization and luxurious comfort.

The Top 10 Best King Storage Bed Frames

  1. Rubberwood King Platform Bed with Drawers — Elegant and Storage-Friendly — Experience seamless style and sophisticated storage with the Red Barrel Studio King Storage Platform Bed, White, boasting a 4.6-star rating and featuring two drawers and a surface mount turbocharger for ultimate convenience.
  2. Naughton Storage Platform Bed with LED Lights and USB Ports by Trent Austin Design — Upgrade your sleep experience with the Naughton Storage Platform Bed, illuminated by LED lights and equipped with USB ports, for ultimate relaxation and visual appeal.
  3. Storage King Bed Frame with Type-C Charging Station — Experience ultimate comfort and convenience with this King Storage Bed Frame, featuring 4 storage drawers, a 1 USB & Type-C Charging Station, LED lights, and up to 900Lbs support!
  4. Javonda King Storage Bed Frame in Gray — A stylish and versatile storage bed, perfect for organization, with a whisper-quiet RGBW LED display and adjustable headboard, seamlessly blending beauty and function.
  5. Luxury King Storage Bed Frame with LED Lights and RGB Headboard — Experience ultimate luxury with an affordable and stylish King Storage Bed Frame, featuring built-in LED lights, convenient dual charging panel, and accessible under-the-bed drawers.
  6. Upholstered King Storage Platform Bed: Red Barrel, Wingback Design — Enhance your living space with the sleek and versatile King Storage Platform Bed from Red Barrel Studio, perfect for both modern and classic styling while offering superior comfort and support.
  7. Gray King Storage Bed Frame with Drawers and Accordion Headboard — Easy Assemble — This King Size storage bed combines style and practicality, offering four drawers for extra space, a sturdy wooden frame, and a headboard for comfort — perfect for a clutter-free sleep experience.
  8. King Platform Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard — Transform your bedroom with the luxurious and space-saving King Platform Bed Frame, featuring a stylish upholstered design, 4 drawers for ample storage, and an adjustable headboard to accommodate different mattresses.
  9. Upsized King Bed Frame with Storage, LED Lights, and Charging Station — Transform your bedroom with this versatile King Storage Bed Frame, featuring an RGB LED light system, two drawers, a 2-tier storage headboard, and a built-in charging station for unmatched convenience and comfort.
  10. Winston Porter Walnut King Storage Bed with 2 Drawers and Slats — The Rashema Platform Storage Bed in Winston Porter color combines stability, durability, and ample storage in a stylish walnut finish, making it a functional and elegant addition to any bedroom.

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Rubberwood King Platform Bed with Drawers — Elegant and Storage-Friendly

The Red Barrel Studio Cosby King Storage Platform Bed, white edition, has been a game-changer in my bedroom. The top-to-bottom dimensions of -50 inches, side-to-side -80.75 inches, and head-to-toe -82 inches provide ample space for storage without compromising the elegant look. The solid wood frame, combined with its white finish, adds a touch of sophistication.

Assembling the product was a breeze, and it was shipped in separate boxes, making it easier to unpack and move around. The set includes two drawers that sit neatly under the platform bed, offering an additional storage space. However, I noticed that the wooden slats could use more reinforcement for better support.

The King Bed With Drawers not only serves as a comfortable sleeping area but also allows me to keep essential items within reach. It’s a great investment for anyone looking for a stylish and practical bedding option.

Naughton Storage Platform Bed with LED Lights and USB Ports by Trent Austin Design

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Naughton Storage Platform Bed with LED Lights and USB Ports by Trent Austin Design. The first thing that caught my eye was the dark brown color, which gave the bed an elegant and classy look. As I started to assemble it, I was impressed by how easy the process was, even as a one-person job.

Once I had the bed put together, I could really appreciate the comfort it provided. The tilted headboard was perfect for supporting my back and helping me relax after a long day. The integrated LED lights added a nice touch, allowing me to create a cozy atmosphere in my room. With 20 vibrant colors, 8 brightness levels, and 20 changing modes, I had plenty of options to choose from.

One feature that really stood out to me was the storage solutions. The bed came with drawers that provided ample space for my clothes and other belongings. The under-bed storage shelf also offered a convenient spot to keep smaller items hidden away.

However, there were a couple of cons to mention. One piece arrived damaged, which was a bit of a disappointment. Thankfully, the customer service was quick to help resolve the issue. Additionally, the drawers didn’t close perfectly flush, but this was a minor inconvenience compared to the overall experience.

Considering the ease of assembly, visual appeal, comfort, and build quality, I would highly recommend the Naughton Storage Platform Bed with LED Lights and USB Ports by Trent Austin Design for those looking to upgrade their bedroom.

Storage King Bed Frame with Type-C Charging Station

This King Storage Bed Frame is a versatile and stylish option for those looking to enhance their bedroom set-up. With four storage drawers, you can easily make use of the available space under your bed to store your belongings. The platform bed frame comes equipped with an LED lighting system controlled via an app or controller, offering you a personalized room ambiance. The smart Music Sync feature even allows the lights to change color and rhythm with your music.

One of the unique features of this bed frame is the built-in USB Type-C and USB charging port, making it convenient for you to charge your devices as you sleep. The durable and stable construction is another great plus, as the bed frame supports up to 900 lbs and features strong metal and tightly arranged wooden slats.

A convenient feature is the card slot design, which prevents the mattress from sliding or swinging while you sleep, ensuring a more comfortable night’s rest. The product also includes four wheels under each drawer for smooth and convenient operation. As a whole, this King Storage Bed Frame is a practical and sleek addition to any bedroom.

Javonda King Storage Bed Frame in Gray

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional upgrade to your bedroom, the Javonda Upholstered Platform Storage Bed by House of Hampton should be on your list. This beauty comes in a full size with a sleek gray finish that’s sure to impress. The roomy storage drawers are an added bonus, providing you with convenient organization for your essentials.

One of the highlights of this bed frame is the adjustable headboard, controlled by a smart feature. The RGBW LED whisper-quiet design makes it a great choice for anyone who wants a peaceful and comfortable sleeping experience. Not to mention, the durable wooden slats offer added support for your mattress, making this a smart investment for your home.

Now, let’s talk about the cons. Some users have mentioned a bit of shaking in the headboard, which might be due to insufficient support from the legs. Additionally, the bed frame is imported, which could potentially affect the overall quality of the product.

Overall, the Javonda Upholstered Platform Storage Bed has its pros and cons, but it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a combination of style and functionality in your bedroom. The adjustable headboard and four storage drawers provide convenience, while the wooden slats ensure a comfortable and supportive sleep. While there are a few areas that could use some improvement, most users seem to be satisfied with their purchase.

Luxury King Storage Bed Frame with LED Lights and RGB Headboard

I recently added a King Storage Bed Frame with RGB LED Lights and 2 Storage Drawers to my bedroom, and I must say, it’s been quite the game changer. The button-tufted headboard and colorful LED lighting create a perfect, cozy atmosphere for a relaxing night’s sleep.

One standout feature is the built-in charging panel on the headboard. It’s seriously convenient to be able to charge my smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch right in bed without having to stretch too far. Plus, the under-bed storage drawers are a huge bonus, allowing me to keep my clothes neatly organized and easily accessible.

However, the installation process was a bit of a challenge. With clear instructions and the necessary hardware included, I managed to get it set up, but it definitely took more time than I expected. That being said, the durability and sturdiness of the bed make it well worth the effort.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. The bed frame adds a stylish touch to my bedroom while providing both function and comfort — and you can’t beat the added convenience of charging your devices and easily accessible storage.

Upholstered King Storage Platform Bed: Red Barrel, Wingback Design

When I first set eyes on this Upholstered Storage Platform Bed, I was immediately drawn to its classic button-tufted headboard. The sleek side wings added an elegant touch and provided stability to the bed. Assembly was straightforward, with the provided tools making the process much easier.

One unexpected benefit I noticed was the reduction of noise when the mattress was placed on the frame. The simple plastic foot pads and quiet transom tape supported up to 1,000 lbs, ensuring a comfortable and stable sleeping experience.

Though the color in the photos did not quite match the one I received, I found the darker shade to be more appealing. The support area for the mattress appeared sturdy, and the bed has been serving me well so far.

The only downside was the low height of the bed, but I managed to find a suitable mattress to raise it to the desired level. Overall, I am impressed with the quality, design, and comfort provided by this platform bed frame.

Gray King Storage Bed Frame with Drawers and Accordion Headboard — Easy Assemble

Experience the ultimate relaxation with this King-sized wooden platform bed. Its charming gray color complements any bedroom decor, while four removable drawers offer ample storage space for your bedding and clothes. Sturdy wooden center legs provide support without a need for a spring box, ensuring a firm foundation for your mattress.

The incorporated wooden headboard makes it easier to watch TV or read a book in bed, while the combination of high-quality pine and MDF creates a robust and durable frame that doesn’t require box springs. Assembling this bed is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-follow manual and pre-drilled holes, making it effortlessly convenient for you to enjoy the perfect cozy setup.

King Platform Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard

I recently stumbled upon the King Platform Bed Frame with four drawers storage and a matching headboard, all in the elegant Light Grey finish. Assembling this beauty was a breeze, thanks to the thorough instructions, numbered parts, and handy tools provided.

This bed frame is not just a functional piece; it’s a statement maker. Upholstered in luxurious linen fabric with button-tufted and square-stitched detailing, it instantly elevates the style of any bedroom. The storage compartments underneath offer a perfect solution for stashing away bedding, accessories, and off-season clothing, making this bed frame a practical choice.

However, one downside I encountered was the adjustable headboard. While it can be adjusted to 38.5 or 41.3 inches high, it was a bit tricky to get it right. The wooden slats system was a sturdy addition, eliminating the need for a box spring or additional foundation. Overall, this King Platform Bed Frame is a stylish and versatile storage solution for any home.

Upsized King Bed Frame with Storage, LED Lights, and Charging Station

Imagine a cozy evening at home, curled up in bed with a good book, your phone charged, and your clothes neatly put away in the drawers below. That’s the kind of experience this King Storage Bed Frame offers. Its charming metal design adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the RGB LED lights can be adjusted to create the perfect ambiance for unwinding.

The 2 extra large drawers under the bed provide ample storage space for clothes and other essentials, while the 2-tier storage headboard is perfect for keeping frequently used items close at hand. With a built-in charging station that includes 2 standard plugs and 2 USB ports, you’ll always be connected, no matter where you are in the room.

This bed frame is not just stylish, but also practical — its all-metal support system is sturdy and durable, ensuring a restful sleep without any squeaks. The 10.8-inch under-bed clearance is ideal for a sweeping robot to do its job, making cleaning a breeze.

And with a load capacity of 1100LBS, this bed frame is designed to last. Plus, it’s easy to assemble — all the parts and tools you need are included, and you can have it up and running in less than an hour. So why not add a touch of luxury to your bedroom with this King Storage Bed Frame?

Winston Porter Walnut King Storage Bed with 2 Drawers and Slats


When I purchased the Rashema Platform Storage Bed, I was immediately taken by the stylish Winston Porter color of walnut. The headboard, made from a combination of rubberwood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), exudes a classic, luxurious feel. However, the real standout for me was the stability and durability I experienced.

The footboard, which is made of both rubberwood and MDF, is a testament to the longevity of this bed, and the inclusion of drawers underneath was a game-changer for me. I was able to make the most of my limited space by storing my bedding, clothes, and other essentials without taking up too much floor space.

The bed measures a roomy 79.40 inches in length, 41.70 inches in width, and 35.40 inches in height. The slats, made from plywood, do not require a box spring, allowing me to place my mattress directly on them. However, if you’re hoping to include your favorite mattress, just be aware that it is not included in the purchase.

Overall, my experience using the Rashema Platform Storage Bed has been a positive one. It combines elegance and functionality, making it a worthy addition to my room.

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a king storage bed frame, there are several features and aspects to consider in order to make the best decision for your needs and preferences. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover important aspects such as storage capacity, materials, design, and ease of assembly.

Storage Capacity

One of the primary reasons for choosing a king storage bed frame is to have additional storage space for clothing, shoes, and other items. When evaluating storage capacity, consider the number of drawers or compartments available, as well as the total storage space provided. Ensure that the frame has ample storage to accommodate your belongings without taking up too much floor space.


King storage bed frames can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, and laminate. Wood frames typically provide a more traditional look and feel, while metal frames often offer greater durability and ease of assembly. Laminates can come with different finishes and may be more affordable options. Consider your personal style preferences and the durability you require when selecting the material for your storage bed frame.


In addition to the materials used, consider the overall design of the frame when making your purchase. A clean, modern design may be more suitable for contemporary bedrooms, while a more ornate design may be better suited for traditional spaces. Pay attention to the dimensions of the frame, as well, ensuring it will fit comfortably in your bedroom without obstructing doors or walkways.

Ease of Assembly

Most king storage bed frames require self-assembly. Assess the ease of assembly by reading customer reviews, checking the instructions provided, and evaluating the included tools and hardware. It’s ideal to choose a frame with a straightforward assembly process and clear, concise instructions to ensure a smooth setup experience.


King Storage Bed Frames Explained

In search of a bed that maximizes your bedroom’s storage space? Look no further than King Storage Bed Frames. These innovative frames come equipped with built-in storage compartments, perfect for stashing away clothes, linens, or even books and electronics, freeing up valuable space in your home. Available in a variety of designs and materials, King Storage Bed Frames provide an elegant solution for your bedroom organization needs, while delivering a touch of modern sophistication to your décor.

King Storage Bed Frames prove ideal for those living in small apartments or homes, where space is at a premium. Designed to offer maximum utility without sacrificing style, these frames provide an efficient and practical way to tidy up your bedroom while adding a stylish touch to your room’s décor. Numerous options are available in the market, so it’s essential to select one that meets your budget, style preference, and functional requirements.

What Materials are Kings Storage Bed Frames Made Of?

King Storage Bed Frames can be crafted from various materials, including wood, metal or even a combination of both. Wooden frames provide a classic and warm aesthetic, while metal frames offer a more modern and durable option. Some frames may also come with upholstered headboards or bed skirts, made from fabrics such as cotton, microfiber, or leather.

Wooden frames are available in solid wood, engineered wood, or a combination of both. These materials allow for a wide range of finishes, such as natural wood, painted, or stained. Metal frames come in various designs and finishes, including brushed nickel, chrome, and black. Upholstered headboards can be customized with different fabrics and colors, enabling you to create a unique look for your storage bed frame.

Are King Storage Bed Frames Adjustable in Height?

Some King Storage Bed Frames feature adjustable heights, providing a more comfortable sleeping experience by making it easier for users to find their perfect position. Adjustable frames typically utilize a hydraulic or manual mechanism to raise or lower the mattress platform. This feature is beneficial for people with back or neck pain, as well as those looking to maximize under-bed space for additional storage or as a workspace.

Adjustable bed frames do tend to be more expensive than fixed-height options, however. It’s crucial to weigh your needs and preferences carefully to determine whether an adjustable height feature is essential to you, taking into account factors such as budget, mattress compatibility, and desired features like adjustable height or storage compartments.

What Types of Mattresses Can Be Used with King Storage Bed Frames?

King Storage Bed Frames can be used with most types of mattresses, including memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. It’s important, though, to verify the mattress dimensions and compatibility with the frame before making a purchase. Some frames may have specific requirements, such as a maximum height, weight capacity, or foundation type, to ensure a safe and comfortable sleeping experience.

If you are unsure about your mattress’s compatibility with a specific frame, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek assistance from a sales representative. They can provide you with information about the frame’s specifications and whether it is suitable for your mattress type and size.

Choosing the Right King Storage Bed Frame

To ensure you find the perfect King Storage Bed Frame for your needs and preferences, consider the following factors:

  1. Style: Assess your preferred style, whether it’s a sleek metal frame or a more traditional wooden design. Ensure it aligns with your bedroom’s existing décor.
  2. Storage Compartments: Consider the type and size of storage compartments you need. Determine the items you want to store and how frequently you will access them. Some frames offer multiple compartments, while others only have a few but larger storage areas.

King Storage Bed Frames: Lifespan and Maintenance

The lifespan of a King Storage Bed Frame depends on the materials used, manufacturing quality, and proper maintenance. On average, a well-made wooden frame can last several years with proper care, while metal frames typically have a longer lifespan due to their durability.

Reading product reviews, checking for warranty information, and ensuring that the manufacturer provides reliable customer support are essential for a positive experience with your storage bed frame. Regular dusting and cleaning, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, can further prolong the life of your King Storage Bed Frame. Remember, a bit of care and attention ensures that your frame remains a functional, stylish, and long-lasting addition to your bedroom.

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